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Moorestown WTP Upgrade
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Willingboro Township Municipal Utilities Authority
Well 5A PFOS Treatment System Upgrade
New Jersey Alliance for Action

Distinguished Engineering Award 2022 – Elite Engineering Project

Alaimo Group has provided permitting, design, bidding, and construction management services to the Willingboro MUA for treatment of elevated PFOS (Perfluoro octane sulfonate) in Well 5A water. PFO testing standards were adopted by The State of New Jersey in 2020 and monitoring began in 2021. The modifications that are performed as part of this project meet the requirements of the state drinking water regulations.

Upon discovery of elevated levels, the MUA contracted Alaimo Group to design a granulated activated carbon system for the treatment of PFOS.

The system will include treatment vessels, valves, media, piping, pressure gauges, and will be integrated with the existing well pump and treatment at the site. Estimated total project cost is $4.5 million. Bids will be accepted April 19, 2022, with construction to begin mid-2022.

PFOS are man-made chemicals once widely used in industrial and commercial applications (non-stick cookware, firefighting foam, upholstery and carpet coatings among many other uses). This project is at the forefront of an ongoing treatment for the contaminants. Although the industrial use of PFOS has decreased substantially, contamination is expected to continue indefinitely because these substances are extremely persistent in the environment and are soluble and mobile in water.

Calgon Carbon System PFOS removal system designed and completed by Alaimo Group in 2021.


Willingboro Township Municipal Utilities Authority
433 John F. Kennedy Way
Willingboro, NJ 08046


James J. Mackie, P.E., Executive Director
Phone: 609-877-2900 Ext. 108

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